FCCU-Special Valves-Increase the process performance and reliability

Created in 1942 by a French engineer (Mr Eugène HOUDRY), the FCC process still the heart of each refinery in the world. This catalytic process contributes to the bigest volume of gasoline but it is probably the most critical and complex process in a refinery. Maintenance operations cost a fortune, and this is mainly due to the installed valves…

Licensors, EPC and End-Users have well understood that valves represent :

graphique FCC guichon valves robinetterie industrielle

Nowadays, each stakholders involved with FCC units want to increase the global process reliability, capacity, reduce the maintenance costs and take care of the new environemental concerns. So, let me show you how Guichon Valves did to answer to those problematics.

“Expertise and Safety Synchronized with Customer Needs”

It has been our motto for several years now and truly verified in our previous FCC projects. Proud of our 96 years of experience, we developed several custom-made valve solutions, worldwide and through a long cooperation with main licensors, EPC contractors and users.

processus FCC ethylene guichon valves

Main requirements of FCC application :

  • Resistance to abrasion
  • High temperature & high fluid velocity suitability
  • Long life and Reliability

Guichon Valves solutions (see valves references on process sketch above):

image 3D fluide guichon valves

  • Resistance to abrasion => Flow calculations, simulations and materials are the most important things to remove all the abrasion issues. The catalyst powder is so abrasive that a standard valve could be a desaster on your process. Every Guichon Valves products are fully custom-made, from the design-office to the manufacture. We use the latest softwares and refractory materials like ceramics, concrete and full stellite linings.
  • High temperature suitability => Guichon designs FCC valves for a service temperature up to 800°C (1400°F), and more on request. Each FCC unit has to be thermally balanced in order to reach the maximum performance (max. light ends and fuels production) and our custom-made valves help to do that ! We do the full thermal calculations and we find technical solutions to avoid thermal issues.
  • Long life and Reliability => All the design, construction and assembly are made in our shop. Our internal quality system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 by the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. We have the full expertise of every design & construction standards like ASME VIII/XI, ANSI, API, EN, ISO, BS…. We are also able to provide you a full NDE (non destructive examination) as liquid penetrant controls, X-rays, PMI, Hydraulic tests, Welding books, Controls certificates…etc.

In order to feet those process requirements, Guichon Valves engineered several valve solutions and proud to shared them with the main technologies licensors like AXENS, KBR, TECHNIP FMC, UOP, CB&I, FOSTER WHEELER.

OUR PREVIOUS ACHIEVEMENTS (see valves references on process sketch above) :

shut off gate valve guichon valves

vanne d'isolation guichon valvesrobinet prise d'échantillon catalytique guichon valves   catalyst draw off system guichon valves

catalyst tight valves ctv guichon vannes autres vannes spéciales guichon vannes

expérience guichon vannes

“Get in touch with the right team”

Written by Rudy Repellin